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Inauguration Of The New Conditioning Laboratory In Chile

Inauguration of the new conditioning laboratory in Chile

The facilities were built according to the Good Manufacturing Practices and with a temperature control system that guarantees the environmental conditions of the products during the Inkjet printing service, labeling, kit assembly and others.

The laboratory will allow an approximate production of 10MM processed units per year.  It was designed under strict standards to meet the most demanding requirements of customers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, and also has the Institute of Public Health of Chile authorization since June 2020.  The staff is trained to ensure compliance with health and safety standards and to verify that each stage of the process is backed by the required documentation.


The growth of our clients implies that we have to expand our offer, always improving our service level.   That is why we seek to be close and available so that this mutual development flows in harmony” says Rafael Duarte, Country Manager of BOMI GROUP in Chile, when presenting the new conditioning laboratory and congratulating the excellent work of Operations and Quality team.


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