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Bomi Group secures sustainable certification in Brazil and Italy

We are proud to announce for the first time the successful Sustainable Logistics certification for Bomi Group in Brazil, alongside the official renewal of the certification for Italy.

The positive results of the audits conducted in the Italian and Brazilian facilities guaranteed an improvement in Bomi’s total certification score, which moved from the Green mark to the valuable Blue mark.

We know how incredibly important sustainable practices are for our customers and communities. As we expand and enhance our global network, we’re dedicated to the highest sustainable standards as part of our full end-to-end logistics capabilitiessaid Felipe Morgulis, Vice President Operations at Bomi Group.

The internationalization of the trademark is a further evidence of the global commitment that Bomi strongly puts into sustainability. Since 2017, Bomi Group joined @SOS-LOG, the first association for sustainable logistics committed to develop projects and activities aimed at carrying out the principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability in the logistics sector.

“This milestone is something we are very proud of. A long path of commitment and growth that we have carried on for about eight years and have even internationalized and improved thanks to the teamwork and efforts of all stakeholders”, comments Serena Sessa, EMEA QA-RA Director & Global Sustainability Supervisor at Bomi Group.

The Sustainable Logistic trademark, promoted by SOS-LOGistica, a no profit association, is the outcome of a two-stage assessment process carried out by an independent third party, which is annually updated, with a minimum commitment of three years. Besides the operational part on the sites, the audit also involved an assessment of the Group’s governance. The areas audited cover a total of 20 topics, in the areas of environmental, social and economic.

Daniele Testi, president of SOS-LOGistica, commented: “in SOS-LOGistica we consider sustainability as a way to improve the enterprise value in the long term by strengthening the resilience and ability to match future market and social requirements. We are grateful to BOMI Group because it allowed us to experience for the first time the worth of the scheme outside of Europe. This achievement marks a milestone for the project, that summarizes all of our knowledge and expertise in sustainable logistics built since 2005”.

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