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Quality and Continuous Improvement

Bomi Group Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016 and OHSAS 18001 for workers’ health and safety and is validated by BSI (British Standard Institution).

The Bomi Group operates a global quality policy where each process is subject to a process of continuous improvement. All certification and control procedures can be traced by the client, are certified by external bodies and play a fundamental role in ensuring the integrity of the product, its use and its commercialisation.

Our Quality Management System is regulated by an internal Corporate Quality Manual adopted at Group level. The Corporate Quality Manual is based on the following key principles of our modus operandi:

  1. Full knowledge of, and compliance with, local regulations
  2.  Dedicated operating instructions and procedures for medical and diagnostic devices, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements in line with GMPs and GDPs.
  3. Compliance with the HACCP system (for food products, including dietary supplements)
  4. Certification of the cold supply chain and temperature monitoring at every management phase until delivery to the assigned address
  5. Regular safety audits and self-inspection
  6. Risk management procedures and change management
  7. Web-based software for the management of formal complaints
  8. Constant monitoring of customer satisfaction through periodic meetings and conference calls with clients
  9. Continuous monitoring of procedural compliance through statistical analysis: Index Quality Warehouse, Index Quality Transport, On Time Delivery
  10. Continuous Improvement
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