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Distribution networks and specialised customer service representatives

The Bomi distribution network is summarised in the table below:

As shown above, each phase of the process is regulated by internal procedures defined with the client and monitored according to KPIs.

Bomi Group also offers its clients a dedicated team of Customer Service representatives. This enables us to communicate more effectively, reduce waiting times and costs for our clients and improve the quality of our services. Our personnel are given comprehensive training and thoroughly understand the activities and requirements of their assigned clients, enabling them to effectively manage clients’ products and any problems that may arise.

Our operators carry out the following key roles:

  • Management of returns and recalls
  • Management of export documents
  • Order management, including order entry
  • Management of disputes
  • Management of transport documents and/or invoices
  • Management of delivery advances, stocks, deliveries by appointment
  • Delivery status tracking and confirmation
  • Direct contact with recipients with regard to order status enquiries

The Customer Service department is monitored by an in-house IT system and is assessed periodically by customer satisfaction questionnaires issued to our clients.

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