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IT systems and order tracking

Our Transport Management System (TMS) is designed to select the best route for our vehicles based on a range of variables including destination, type of vehicle, type of delivery and cost. The TMS is integrated into LIDIA, the Bomi Group’s management system, and offers two-directional communication between the drivers and the control centre through intuitive interfaces in order to optimise the management of transport data streams in a consistent and systematic way.

Our fleet management platform (Geonaut) is a GPS and vehicle detection system that enables Bomi Group to monitor routes, vehicle location and the temperature of the transported goods in real time.

Clients who wish to view the live tracking status of their products can do so using “Bo Track”, an online Track&Trace programme that provides delivery information in real time. Clients can also download a copy of the signed delivery note as soon as it is uploaded to the system.

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