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Home Care Service

Every year, Bomi Health Carrier makes more than 300,000 home deliveries to around 45,000 patients worldwide, serving the leading global players in the following sectors: dialysis, colostomy, ventilotherapy, artificial nutrition and wound care. Bomi Group offers a value-added service to our clients’ patients as part of our patient-focused approach based on the following four principles:

  • Reliability: we offer patients dedicated customer service representatives and drivers in order to promote human relations that go beyond mere professionalism
  • Knowledge: our customer service representatives understand and constantly monitor our patients needs. Delivery slots are scheduled based on the needs of each individual patient
  • Availability: we follow our patients anywhere, providing a reliable home treatment delivery service wherever they need it
  • Specialist training: our drivers receive regular training in order to protect patient privacy.

Our Bomi Health Carrier personnel provide a “bedside” delivery service, including installation and initial testing in the case of health aids. We also provide a return management service to adapt to changes in treatment, reverse logistics services including equipment sanitisation and the management or disposal of expired products, on arrangement.

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