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ICT systems

LIDIA is Bomi Group’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), developed by our IT specialists through our many years of experience in the healthcare logistics sector. LIDIA is web-based and allows us to manage and track each order at every phase of the supply chain, from the entry to the warehouse to the delivery to the end recipient.

The GAMP-5 certified multilingual software is used seamlessly in every Group branch and includes a series of functions designed specifically for the management of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

The Warehouse Management System uses radio frequency identification to read over 200 different types of barcode, complying with new regulations regarding the traceability of medical devices and diagnostic products.

The use of RFID at every product management phase (INBOUND, PUTAWAY, PICKING, INVENTORY, PACKING and DELIVERY) enables us to implement streamlined, fully computerised processes as well as random checks and “alert blocks” in the case of anomalies.

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