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With 60 warehouses worldwide offering 330 000 sqm of dedicated storage space, Bomi Group is able to guarantee the best warehousing conditions for any healthcare product at authorised, secure and controlled sites in accordance with regulations and best practices.

The Bomi Group offers:

  • Ambient temperature warehousing
  • Temperature-controlled and/or refrigerated warehousing
  • Dedicated areas for spare parts managemant and repair shops
  • Management of large equipment and apparatus
  • Management of biological and hazardous materials in compliance with the ADR rules

Bomi Group also offers, in certified warehouses, the storage and transportation of chemical reagents, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and biohazardous material, customs clearance warehouses and regional distribution centres as well as in-house services for supply chain management delivered directly to our clients’ facilities.

Our warehouse staff receive comprehensive training and take regular refresher courses, which are monitored by the Quality department. The constant attention to people has led Bomi Group to obtain the ISO 45001:2018 certification (OHSAS 18001 since 2012).

Distribution networks and specialised customer service representatives

As shown, each phase of the process is regulated by internal procedures…

In-House Services

Bomi Group also offers in-house services, managing stock and stock operations at the client’s own warehouse…

ICT systems

The Warehouse Management System uses radio frequency identification to read over 200 different types of barcode, complying with new regulations regarding the traceability of medical devices…

Labelling and packaging

At the specific request of the client, in order to facilitate the sale and commercialisation of medical products and devices on different markets…

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