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Bomi Group sets itself apart from other logistics operators thanks to its extensive and long-standing experience in the healthcare sector.

Our motto “Handling Health with Care” sums up Bomi Group’s distinctive approach to the healthcare supply chain, offering our clients standard services but also value-added solutions to provide stable and long-lasting support at every phase of the logistics process.

Pharmaceutical Laboratory

The Bomi Group has two advanced Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Italy and Peru, aimed at redeveloping…

Reverse Logistics

Thanks to our highly specialised experience in the management of medical devices, diagnostic apparatus and medical and surgical equipment, Bomi Group offers…


Thanks to its extensive global experience in the healthcare sector, Bomi Group supports its clients in the development of plug&play solutions for international markets…


Bomi Group is more than a logistics operator: thanks to our extensive experience in the Healthcare sector, we are able to optimise our clients’ supply chains at every stage…

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