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Reverse Logistics

Thanks to our highly specialised experience in the management of medical devices, diagnostic apparatus and medical and surgical equipment, Bomi Group offers an efficient reverse logistics service that helps our clients to develop efficient returns and handling procedures for used or obsolete products or loaned equipment or products which are no longer required due to a change in treatment.

The Bomi Group offers reverse logistics services in the following fields:

  • Home Care: on agreement with the client, we will collect expired and obsolete products from the patient’s place of residence, as well as delivering replacements in the case of a change in treatment
  • White Gloves: The reverse logistics service can be applied in The case of deliveries/collections of diagnostic instruments at hospitals and analysis laboratories.
  • Loan Kits: we offer a reverse logistics service for the Delivery/return of orthopaedic Loan Kits at the hospital departments or operating theatres, pending authorisation from the hospital facility
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