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Bomi France

6 Avenue de l’Europe,
77600 Bussy-Saint-Georges

Bomi Group has been operating in France since 2015.

Its main facility in Bussy-Saint-Georges is a 6,800 sqm logistics warehouse inaugurated in 2021 and entirely dedicated to the health sector. The storage capacity is about 7000 pallets and several spaces of the warehouse have been adapted to value-added logistics services, such as a +2°/+8°C cold room for storage and monitoring of biological samples complying with Pharma and GDP standards, a decontamination room and a technical workshop for handling demo devices.

In addition to the main activities of storage, order preparation and transport organization, we provide stock management services of demo devices, as well as programming and repair services. We manage technical transport services for diagnostic, laboratory and medical bed materials throughout France.

The office is equipped with an in-house fleet as part of the BOMI HEALTH TECH network to manage technical transport dedicated to high-value instruments throughout France.

The Bussy-Saint-Georges facility is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified issued by the BSI (British Standard Institution) to ensure the integrity and traceability of products, their use and marketing.

Following the recent acquisition of a branch of the company in Blanc Mesnil, Bomi has a second 2,500 square meter transport warehouse and a fleet of 25 proprietary vehicles, all at a controlled temperature of +15+25° C, to transport drugs and medical devices in the Paris region from the pharmaceutical plant to distributors, including pharmacies, hospitals and clinics and doctors.

The strategy of this acquisition is to :

  • Cover geographically the Paris region, on the main axes between the North of Paris (Charles de Gaulle airport), the Center and the main arteries towards the South and the East of the country;
  • Extend its services to temperature controlled transport on its own, creating synergies between the different activities;
  • Evaluate new services on its own, in other provinces and other services such as refrigerated temperature +2°/+8°C.
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