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Bomi France

27 rue de la Maison Rouge,
77185 Lognes

Bomi Group has been operating in France since 2015 thanks to a joint venture agreement with Distritec, a French company specialising in the logistics and distribution of large equipment, including medical and diagnostic apparatus.

Our French division has a 5,300 m² warehouse in Dreux, located just west of the Paris Metropolitan Area in a strategic position offering easy access to the port of Le Havre, Paris’ airports and all other destinations in France. We also have other hubs in Lognes and Emerainville.

Our main warehouse in Dreux offers standard warehousing services, cross-docking, packaging and Home Care services. Our two smaller hubs carry out highly specialised activities such as the decontamination of surgical materials, while also benefiting from the logistics network of our local partner, whose 18 distribution platforms offer extensive coverage across France. We offer services in the dialysis sector as well as more general deliveries to treatment centres across the country.

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