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Bomi France

6 Avenue de l’Europe,
77600 Bussy-Saint-Georges

Bomi Group has been operating in France since 2015 and currently has a new warehouse in Bussy-Saint-Georges entirely dedicated to the healthcare sector.

The warehouse has an area of 6880 square meters, with about 7000 pallet spaces and another 609 square meters of offices, conference room and work areas, and its geographical location allows to reach the north of Paris (Charles de Gaulle airport), the center and the south of the city in half an hour, and the whole region of Ile-de-France in an hour.

In addition to the main activities of storage, order preparation and transport organization, we provide services of stock management of demo devices, programming and repair services with technical repair shop, and decontamination. We manage all over France technical transport services for diagnostic materials, laboratory and medical beds.

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