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Computer systems, technology and R&D

The proprietary software of Bomi Group enables the company to provide a completely independent, flexible and highly customisable services in order to effectively and efficiently handle the countless requests we receive from our clients every day.

Our team of over 30 IT specialists has developed an advanced platform that connects our clients’ IT systems with Bomi Group and offers real-time information through the web, simplifying procedures and processes, reducing costs, improving productivity and efficiency, and providing a constantly monitored service.

  • LIDIA WMS (Warehouse Management System), our proprietary warehouse management system, is compatible with the most common ERPs (SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, JDE, BPCS, BAAN, Infor LN etc.).
  • The TMS (Transport Management System) automatically selects the best routes for our vehicles based on a range of variables including destination, goods and weight.

The Bomi Portal is our online platform where our clients can interact with Bomi at any time to check their delivery status (Bo-Track) or submit formal complains (Bo-Claim). The Bomi Portal, as well as TMS and WMS are web-based, multi-lingual, multi-country and multi-client tools.

Business continuity

Bomi Group constantly invests in business continuity and data safety. We are fully protected by a redundant system that offers total security: 2 protected server farms (1,000 mbps fibre optics, fully synchronised in real time via Mimix) are positioned in external buildings located over 20 km from our warehouses in order to minimise environmental or technical risks. Our server farms are located in strategic countries: our current data hubs in China, Brazil and Colombia offer worldwide coverage.

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