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Bomi Health Carrier

BOMI HEALTH CARRIER is the first Bomi Group brand dedicated exclusively to the transportation of medical devices, diagnostic devices, pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

Thanks to Bomi Health Carrier fleet, Bomi Group manages the complete Cold Supply Chain until the point of delivery to the end recipient, whether this is a hospital, a clinic, a private residence in the case of home treatment, a pharmacy or an analysis laboratory.

Our fleet includes over 580 company vehicles located in Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico. Furthermore, all other countries in our network are served by selected and exclusive partners in order to guarantee an extremely high quality of service.


Bomi Health Carrier offers the following transportation services: Ambient temperature…

IT systems and order tracking

Our Transport Management System (TMS) is designed to select the best route for our vehicles based on a range of variables including destination, type of vehicle…

Home Care Service

Every year, Bomi Health Carrier makes more than 300,000 home deliveries to around 45,000 patients worldwide, serving the leading global players in the following sectors: dialysis…

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