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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In recent years, Bomi Group has shown an ever-increasing interest in promoting a culture of sustainable logistics, both within the company through the development of tangible sustainability principles and externally through the implementation of an international sustainability strategy shared with our stakeholders.

In 2017 Bomi Group decided to join SOS-LOG, the first association dedicated to sustainable logistics founded 12 years ago with the aim of increasing the awareness and visibility of what is now a highly current and multi-faceted international issue. SOS-LOG members include logistics and IT specialists, university lecturers, innovators, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and operators in the logistics, manufacturing and ICT sectors, all sharing the common goal of promoting more efficient logistics systems with a focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Bomi Group believes that sustainability is a key ingredient in the creation of value for clients, employees and the end recipients of the services we deliver on a daily basis. The Bomi Group has operated successfully in the healthcare sector for over thirty years, and providing a service to our clients that exceeds targets and expectations is simply a part of our DNA.

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