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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In recent years, Bomi Group has shown an ever-increasing interest in promoting a culture of sustainable logistics, both within the company through the development of tangible sustainability principles and externally through the implementation of an international sustainability strategy shared with our stakeholders.

In 2017 Bomi Group decided to join SOS-LOG, the first association dedicated to sustainable logistics founded 12 years ago with the aim of increasing the awareness and visibility of what is now a highly current and multi-faceted international issue. SOS-LOG members include logistics and IT specialists, university lecturers, innovators, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and operators in the logistics, manufacturing and ICT sectors, all sharing the common goal of promoting more efficient logistics systems with a focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Bomi Group believes that sustainability is a key factor in the creation of value for clients, employees and the end recipients of the services we deliver on a daily basis. Bomi Group has operated successfully in the healthcare sector for over thirty years, which is why we can say that providing services to our clients that exceeds targets and expectations is part of our DNA.

Our Values and Commitments

BOMI Group “handles” its activity with professional expertise, deals with the human value of “health” by helping people maintaining their quality of life, and “cares” about its customers satisfaction.

Safety and environmental responsibility are fundamental values for us and an integral part of everything we do. We strongly believe that accurately adopting and integrating a Health, Safety and Environmental Policy into our business is a key factor to succeed globally.


BOMI Group and its subsidiaries and affiliates are committed to the safety of our employees, contractors and other relevant stakeholders. BOMI promotes and shares a safety culture as a part of its corporate responsibility, preventing accidents and incidents, both in operational and logistic activities, that may cause harm or damage to people or to the environment.


The BOMI Group recognises its responsibility to protect the environment and therefore wishes to gradually improve its environmental impact in order to ensure a healthy and clean environment for future generations, while making its commitment visible to its stakeholders.


BOMI Group embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and it is particularly committed to the Good health and well-being goal (SDG 3), intended to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”, and to the Climate action goal (SDG 13), aimed to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”. By endorsing this HSE Policy BOMI will ensure a better contribution to the achievement of the UN SDGs in accordance to the company business.

HSE Policy objectives

By adopting this Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, BOMI aims to:

  • Comply with national and international laws, rules and regulations, as well as statutory and customer requirements, not only because it is a legal obligation mandatory, but also because we pursue a responsible business approach;
  • Achieve and maintain the continuous improvement of BOMI’s processes, the provision of quality services, its economic stability and business growth preventing and managing HSE risks;
  • Enhance its efforts and performance in terms of health, safety and environment protection, preventing potential external reputation damages caused by unpleasant events related to HSE issues;
  • Progressively reduce the risks to which employees or third parties (users, visitors, suppliers, etc.) may be exposed, including those resulting from accidents, injuries and work-related diseases, thus minimising the overall costs of HSE;
  • Actively involve its employees, suppliers, contractors and other relevant stakeholder in the sustainability path;
  • Promote sustainable development culture and approach inside and outside the company itself through training and awareness rising initiatives.

HSE Declaration

Over the years BOMI developed and introduced different procedures and practices to protect its employees, contractors and other relevant stakeholder as well as the environment. The main actions implemented by the Group are listed below:


  • to set global and local HSE goals and targets;
  • to run periodical internal audit in order to monitor its HSE performance at global and local level and to achieve its HSE goals;
  • to include its employees and workers of related service companies in the definition, monitoring and improvement processes of HSE practices, as well as through consultation with workers and their safety representatives;
  • to manage dangerous products following all legal controls and safety requirements;
  • to ensure both physical and mental health to all our employees, also through actions and benefits aimed at providing them with health programs, a balanced work life and at generating satisfaction and engagement.


  • to provide all employees with continuous education and training on health, safety and environmental issues, as well as on new developments in our Policy and regulatory framework;
  • to communicate the commitment to this Policy to its subsidiaries, affiliates and contractors and seek their support;
  • to make its partners committed to the respect and compliance with BOMI’s HSE requirements.


  • to ensure quality and safety of its products and services through regular controls and inspections;
  • to conduct regular audits on critical suppliers considering HSE issues;
  • to monitor and reduce consumption of natural resources, especially using renewable energy systems where possible;
  • to gradually develop a tool aimed at monitoring its fleet greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to adopt corrective actions to reduce the company and the Group’s Carbon Footprint.


  • to prevent pollution and adopt waste management strategy in order to reduce the production of hazardous and non-hazardous waste as well as to foster recycling and other recovery operations;
  • to minimise its environmental impact also adopting the circular economy principles; in particular, BOMI reduces the usage of resources such as water and energy, reuses and recycles waste.

BOMI has designed and adopted this HSE Policy to prioritise the concept of continuous improvement of the management system and all business processes involved, in order to increasingly meet the requirements, needs and expectations (including future ones) of its stakeholders.

HSE Global Governance

BOMI’s global leadership is committed to the full implementation of this HSE Policy and is responsible for its compliance at all company levels.

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