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Bomi On Demand: an innovative solution for the Healthcare sector

In order to facilitate inventory monitoring and control, Bomi Group was brought to the partnership.

The outcome is a new 100% intelligent business model with several options for customization of

hardware, software, dashboard and reports; under the RFID technological framework that allow remote

inventory management.

In March 2020, Grupo Fleury was chosen to be the precursor of this project in its service units, where

exclusive cold chains for DiaSorin products were installed.

Maintaining all levels of quality, Bomi Group delivers a differentiated and exclusive service, managing

stock, according to quantity and SKUs pre-defined by manufacturers / suppliers.  The system also

displays other features such as real-time and remote monitoring, security alerts, 100% up-to-date

replenishment and forecast.  Undoubtedly, the use of platforms with IoT enrichment optimizes time,

occurrences, safety stock and lead-time, ensuring greater confidence and security for the entire

management of the Healthcare sector.


If you want to learn more, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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