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Bomi Group in Mexico: Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals Logistics Expert

Bomi Group, with more than 35 years in the logistics market, has specialized in the handling of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

We have 3 distribution centers in Mexico City and State of Mexico.

  • Room Temperature
  • Controlled temperature 15-25°C
  • Temperature 2-8°C – refrigerated
  • Temperature -20°C frozen
  • Product conditioning

Specializing in the distribution of Medical Devices, ranging from small and simple, such as a glucose meter, to large and complex, such as full body scanners.  At Bomi Group we believe that its logistic operation is, without a doubt, one of the most critical and challenging activities. Proper handling, inventory control, warehousing, lot tracking and time-sensitive transportation solutions are essential for the delivery of quality products to the patient.

Our management system is a fundamental part of our day-to-day operations, enabling us to offer our customers confidence and commitment to our services.

The logistical complexity of our customers is increasing, as well as their technological requirements and quality standards.  To maintain market leadership, we must be increasingly efficient in our processes and even reduce costs.



In Bomi Group, we apply technology, with the use of tools that support our operation in every part of the process.

WMS (Warehouses):

  • Interfaces development – clients

TMS (Transportation):

  • Online reporting – deliveries
  • On-line consultation – customers
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