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BOMI GROUP, thanks to the service portfolio offered in Colombia, covers 100% of Medtronic logistics activities. Since 2014, after the acquisition of Covidien, Medtronic has been positioned  itself as a world leader in the medical technology sector, increasing the volumes of its business.

From left: Alessandro Simeoni, Sales & Project Director, Andean CA & C Region | Bomi; Rafael Arango, VP, Andean Region | Medtronic; Vicente Lanza, GM Colombia & COO Latam Region | Bomi; Catalina López, Logistics Manager, Región Andina | Medtronic; Ovidio Torres Andean Region Senior Manager, Supply Chain | Medtronic.

In the last 5 years, BOMI has become a strategic ally of Medtronic, coming up with the most efficient, tailored logistics solutions to meet the high quality standards required and guarantee cover throughout Colombia, ensuring product stability and allowing thousands of patients to access them.

BOMI provides Medtronic with specialised solutions for warehousing, inventory management in hospitals and distribution of its products throughout the country, as well as a series of other highly customised services able to boost the value of one of the largest operators in the sector at international level.

The Medtronic product portfolio seeks to safeguard and improve health and extend life expectancy worldwide. To achieve this goal, product quality and stability from the manufacturing stage through to the end user, together with urgent availability «in situ», are essential. This requires:

BOMI is one of the leading logistic players on the Colombian market. It is entirely focused on the health sector, and is able to guarantee the highest quality service. In 2019, it became the sole supplier of logistics services for Medtronic and a strategic ally in Colombia, as already occurred in 2017 in the Peruvian branch.

BOMI GROUP is a market leader in Colombia in the medical devices logistics sector, supplying specialised, tailored solutions for a number of multinationals in the healthcare sector.

Rafael Arango: VP Andean Region | Medtronic
Vicente Lanza: GM Colombia & COO Latam Region | Bomi

In Colombia, BOMI has 8 distribution centres located in the main urban areas, such as Bogotá, Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga and Pereira. It has a room temperature, controlled temperature and refrigerated warehousing capacity of over 20,000 m², as well as a fleet of more than 80 vehicles that it uses to guarantee quality, last-mile deliveries to hospitals, laboratories, doctors and patients.

Vicente Lanza, General Manager of Bomi Colombia and COO for Latin America, said: «We are very proud that Medtronic Plc, after a broad-ranging, comprehensive process for the selection of a strategic partner in Colombia, has chosen to entrust its activities to Bomi Group, in a highly competitive, fast-growing market like Colombia«.

From his side Rafael Arango Chavarriaga, Vice President of Medtronic Andean Region, states: «For us in Medtronic team-work is crucial, and the possibility to rely on strategic partners such as Bomi allows us to guarantee the availability of our therapies, which helps us to continue fulfilling our mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life of thousands of people in Colombia and around the world.»


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