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Bomi Group in Chile strengthen by GMP training

Mishandling pharmaceutical products in the world is worth billions.  For example,

specific products such as medical samples from clinical trials or biological

products are very sensitive to temperature, humidity and other conditions.  This is

where GMP´s go handy: Improving the existing supply chains to ensure control

over temperature, data logging and handling.  The objective is to preserve the

original quality of the product so that patients are treated with effective


Training needs to be conducted on regular basis in order to maintain the

high-quality standards demanded by our customers.  So Bomi Group´s training

solutions provider in Chile delivered a series of GMP trainings to the conditioning laboratory team which

successfully passed them.

“This course shows Bomi’s commitment to the permanent updating of good manufacturing

practices and the development of our staff”

says Viviana Neuenschwander, Quality Manager, Bomi Group in Chile.

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