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Cannabis Sales Strengthen During Covid19 Pandemic

Cannabis Sales Strengthen during Covid19 Pandemic

While the debate of use of recreational Cannabis continues Worldwide, in Latin America, more and more countries are approving the use of medical Cannabis.  Much of the investment comes from companies in the USA and Canada that have set new sales records in recent months. 

It is only a matter of time before the cannabis sector expands further as more nations repeal the bans.  Brazil is on the verge of doing so, Uruguay legalized its recreational use in 2013 and Peru approved medicinal use in February 2019.  Countries are expected to issue more and more licenses and, by 2025, the global cannabis market is expected to exceed $140 billion.

Cann Farm, a new client of Bomi in Peru, was created with the intention of bringing people alternatives for their well-being.  They consider that medicinal plants are an excellent option to provide health and can be used in the long term in a sustainable way. 

“We know that Bomi has the necessary skills to operate with these products of high logistic complexity, and contributes with an innovative vision in the development of solutions.  Bomi’s expertise gives us the peace of mind that we will stay within the regulatory framework at all times”Explains Andrés Vázquez, President of Cann Farm in Peru. 

The company wants to position itself as an ally of the medical community and of people who need sustainable care of their health.

Bomi staff is also trained on the protocols for handling this type of product which require a hi level of security. It has the same treatment as do all controlled products: it is placed in a separated and restricted area and all inventory movement has to be recorded and submitted to a government entity.” Says Fernando Chávez, Commercial Director of Bomi in Peru.


Cann Farm also helped us answering the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis?

In reality the difference is not in the product, but in the use that is given, and if it goes through a doctor or not. THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis most used in “recreational” products, is also necessary in the therapy of various pathologies.

  1. Are the big pharmaceutical multinationals entering the medical Cannabis market?

Currently, they are not seen to have taken a leading or proactive position on the issue, but it is expected that at some point they will.

  1. Are there reliable studies of the medicinal benefits of Cannabis?

Yes, they exist. They can be found in the most important scientific and medical journals.

  1. What distribution network will you use?

In Peru we are going to work with the health network legally established in the country: pharmacies, drugstores, health establishments, etc.

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