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Bomi Group, leading Company in biomedical logistics and high-tech healthcare products listed on the AIM Italia multilateral trading system, has decided to join SOS-LOG, the first Italian Association dedicated to Sustainable Logistics, which was born 12 years ago with the aim to promote a crucial topic, the Sustainability to the full.

SOS-LOG members are logistics experts, IT managers, university professors, innovation and environment engineers, entrepreneurs in the logistic and manufacturing sectors, all gathering the common objective to promote a more efficient logistic which could be sustainable on environmental, economic and social sides at the same time.

Entering SOS-LOG, Bomi Group shows a growing interest in spreading the sustainable logistic culture, internally, through projects aimed at concrete implementation of the sustainability principles, and externally, through the formalisation of an International Sustainability Strategy to its own stakeholders.

“We are proud and honored to join SOS-LOG – says Marco Ruini, Bomi Group CEO – because we believe that Sustainability is a key ingredient for creating value to our clients, our employees and final recipients of our services. For over 30 years we have been dealing with people’s health and the full client satisfaction is part of our DNA, going far beyond the qualitative targets we face every day”.

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