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Infrastructure and Maintenance manager

Bureau: Colombia-Département: Operations Excellence

General Description Of Responsibilities
Design, execute, maintain and analyze all the spaces dedicated to the Core Business in Colombia, Chile, Peru y Ecuador, Conditioning Zones and special areas dedicated to the Core business of our clients. The inclusion and elaboration of own architectural and engineering projects as well as those of third parties is mentioned. Preventive and corrective maintenance. Solution design.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Support in the development and implementation of projects of great scope, complex and of great value for the organization.
  • Be effective in communicating and explaining highly complex technical concepts to various entities interested.
  • Monitor the status, economic benefits, training and certification of improvement projects.
  • Manage the resources of the projects in execution, in order to control and evaluate their use in the Unit.
  • Promote and participate in the definition, design, implementation and updating of programs and in the continuous improvement of the implementation process.
  • Design and develop architectural / engineering projects required by the various departments of the company and/or clients.
  • Evaluate and inspect the execution of internal works or works contracted by the company.
  • Carry out extensions and remodeling required.
  • Advise technical queries regarding its competence.
  • Lead the area of ​​Solutions Design.

Mandatory Job Requirements

  • Professional graduate in engineering (civil, mechanic, production, or electrical) architecture is required, with specialization in project management or solution design.
  • 10 years of experience in the logistics sector, preferably in the area of the health.
  • Excellent people skills and concerted focus on superior customer service
  • Excellent communicative skills, including reading, writing, and public speaking/presentation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task, adjust to changing priorities, and complete work on-time
  • Demonstrated ability to handle pressure and be successful in stressful situations
  • Proficient in Projects management, Infrastructure Development, Maintenance management, Microsoft office, AUTOCAD or similar, Project management.
  • Languages: Spanish, English.

Bomi Group respecte la réglementation en matière de confidentialité et de protection des données applicable à chaque État et ne fait aucune discrimination fondée sur l’origine raciale ou ethnique, les opinions politiques, les convictions religieuses ou philosophiques, l’appartenance à un syndicat, la vie sexuelle ou l’orientation sexuelle dans le choix des candidats. L’annonce s’adresse à des candidats des deux sexes.

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Bureau: Colombia-Département: Operations Excellence
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