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Siemens Healthineers(SHS), one of the world’s leaders in the imaging and diagnostics fields, chose Bomi Group for their logistic operations in Turkey in order to improve the service’s quality to  their customers.

The operation has started in October 2019 with an opening event  in Bomi Group Turkey’s new temperature controlled warehouse. In this warehouse Bomi offers 3.500m² space to its clients, 350m² workshop for reconditioning and cleaning and 500m² Imaging Device Area devoted to Siemens Healthineers.

The purpose of Siemens Healthineers is to enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery and improving patient experience, all enabled by digitalizing healthcare. Concerning the patients’ lives are at stake, good logistics are required to achieve this purpose.

Sıemens Healthıneers chose Bomı Group to redesıgn its Logıstıcs Operatıons in Turkey.

Before Siemens partnered up with Bomi, they were working with another 3PL howeverever changing and improving logistics world has made Siemens Healthineersrealized that they need a logistics company that can keep up with continuous improvement and increasing demand on quality of the logistics service. After a deep analysis of the company’s logistics in Turkey, Siemens Healthineers decided to announce a tender. “We can see the tremendous development of SHS logistics journey which started from a jerry-built warehouse to the best in class accommodation. Yet, this is just the beginning. With the partnership soul, SHS and BOMI will take SHS logistics to the desirable step” Ömer Onur Şansal, SHS Order to Cash Head.

For Siemens the most crucial topic wasto identify a logistics company which could meet their storage requirements for imaging and diagnostics devices. These challenging requirements were perfectly matched by Bomi Group who won the tender.

Bomi Group already offers logistical and customized solutions to more than 100 multinational companies worldwide. Bomi owns three warehouses in Istanbul and nine other temperature controlled distribution hubs spread all over Turkey.

Alen Voskeriçyan – Head of Eurasia and MENA, Bomi Group.

After the contract signing off in April 2019,the new warehouse was designed and constructed. Bomi Group designed the new facility to fulfill the services need in compliance with GDP. Procurement teams of Bomi and Siemens Healthineers showed a great effort in selecting a team of specialized suppliers for the construction.According to Mustafa Sinan Atılay, SHS Logistics and LD PM Head “As Siemens Healtineers Logistics team, our dedication to continuous improvements has always been our driving motto. To achieve major progress requires sometimes dramatic changes and confidence to dare. This year’s challenge for us was the change of our 3PL partner and the warehouse. Though this change with 50 trucks load movement has been carried out during the most critical period of the financial year, good planning and mutual organized efforts resulted in smooth transition and  no customers have been affected. Being currently at the starting stage of the partnership between SHS and Bomi, the initial operation and approach show significant promising signs.Looking forward for the next steps of this dedicated Healthcare logistics”.

The construction started in May, and thanks to the teams and suppliers’ great effort 90% of the construction was completed in one and a half month. As of July 23rd Bomi started to accept first inbound.

The new warehouse, with a total capacity of 1.650 pallets places, has been designed to be upgradable considering volume increases. To be able to manage the entire cold chain the warehouse has been designed to be +15+25°C and a 40.000m³ cold room (at +2+8°C with 1500 BIN locations).

Enis Sonemel, SHS Turkey CEO stated that “This newly designed warehouse is a demonstration of the way we value our customers. With BOMI’s professional operations experience and uncompromising approach to quality, I am confident that we will provide our market with the best-in-class logistics services and excellent customer satisfaction in the years to come”.

“Being determined and confident with its service to healthcare industry, as Bomi Group we are proud to open our new temperature controlled warehouse according to the needs of Siemens Healthineers. Our number one priority is health and people. We will provide future of logistics by implementing many more automation and value added services to  increase the quality level of the services. We have built our warehouse in a very short time to be able to serve many decades for Siemens Healthineers.” Alen Voskericyan, Head of Eurasia and MENA.

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