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The Italian network of Bomi Health Carrier grows with the opening in Campania of the new temperature-controlled Hub focused on the distribution of Healthcare products throughout the southern and central-southern Italy.

Campania : Transport Hub
Campania : Transport Hub

Bomi Group, a multinational leader in the field of integrated logistics serving the Healthcare sector, is pleased to announce the opening of the new 3,800sqm transport Hub in Campania (Marcianise) equipped with air conditioning system + 5 + 25 ° C, dedicated cold rooms + 2 + 8 ° C, and over 20 loading dock that offer to its customers greater quality and speed of transport service in the regions of southern and central-southern Italy.

The decision to open the new hub in Marcianise, which replaces the regional hub of Somma Vesuviana, is part of the BOMI Group strategy to strengthen its presence on the national territory, focusing also in Campania to offer more punctual and efficient transport service.

Italy - Transport Hub
Italy – Transport Network

Marcianise, in fact, represents one of the focal points of the Italian pharmaceutical and medical network, for widespread distribution at the regional level, as a sorting center for Calabria, Puglia, Sicily and Basilicata, and strategic hub of the entire national structure with Milan, Bologna and Rome.

Bomi Health Carrier is the brand dedicated exclusively to the transport of medical products, diagnostics, drugs, and food supplements, also extended in Belgium, Holland, Turkey, and Latin America.

The transport network in Italy moves around 3,000,000 / packages per year thanks to the owned fleet by over 165 insulated and refrigerated vehicles, and to a direct distribution network made up of 2 cross-docking hubs in the province of Cremona and Verona, 7 regional hubs near Turin, Bologna, Modena, Florence, Rome, Caserta and Bari for a total of over 50,000sqm at the controlled temperature, and around 1300sqm of dedicated cold rooms + 2 + 8 ° C.

Federico Mancini, Head of Italy Transport BU Bomi Group

The Bomi Health Carrier strategy keeps consolidating the network in Italy. The opening of the new Hub in Campania represents a significant point of strengthening and in the immediate future a concrete upgrade of the transport service offered by the network, as underlined by Federico Mancini, Head of Italy Transport BU in Bomi Group:

We are proud to have opened a Hub of this level in a key region such as Campania because with Milan, Rome and Bologna (the latter inaugurated only 3 months ago) we are able to efficiently and directly manage the main traction hubs south-north and vice versa.

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