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Patrimonial Security Manager

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Bomi de Chile Spa.

Logistics company requests Patrimonial Security Manager for the commune of Pudahuel:



– Manage the area/Physical security plan

– Coordinate the administration and supervision of complementary surveillance service contracts

security and conventions

– Lead physical and strategic security operations

– Direct and coordinate the mitigation of physical security risks in the company

– Control compliance with the company’s internal physical security regulations

– Plan the annual budget for physical and specialized security

– Request and coordinate audit processes for the company’s physical security contracts

– Plan the evaluation and restructuring of physical and strategic security plans

– Verify the monthly delivery of the indicators by those responsible

– Submit semi-annual documented reports on the status of the system

– Generate nonconformity reports, review their status and compliance

– Coordinate and generate training regarding company security issues

– Carry out the security study changes annually

– Report dangerous incidents that threaten the organization

– Carry out quarterly documentary backups of all dependencies

– Conduct inductions for new employees

– Random check procedures as a routine inspection

– Request the documents, pertinent to the control and security management system

– Constantly handle easy-to-use equipment and materials being your direct responsibility

– Manage indirectly a high degree of confidentiality


Specific Experience, Knowledge And Technical Skills

– Updates on issues related to security BASC

– Knowledge of the modalities of physical and documentary smuggling, in order to avoid contamination of the loads to be transported

– Education courses on security, surveillance and control

– Knowledge of handling weapons



At least 3 years of experience

Management of legal framework.

Ability to transmit information assertively.


is offered

Income commensurate with responsibility

Approach Bus


If you want to belong to a stable company, with growth capacity, we invite you to apply.



Bomi Group, her ülkede yürürlükte olan gizlilik ve verilerin korunması kurallarına uygun hareket eder ve adayların ırksal veya etnik köken, siyasi görüş, dini veya felsefi inanç, sendika üyeliği, cinsel yaşam veya cinsel yönelimine dayalı ayrım yapmaz. Duyuru her iki cinsiyetteki adaylara yöneliktir.

Başvurunuzu Buradan Gönderin!

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