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Bomi Group announces its direct entry into the Mexican market through the establishment of an important joint venture signed with local partner.

Following the conclusion of the license agreement with its previous partner, communicated by the Group in October 2016, Bomi returns to operate directly in Mexico providing “top class” solutions to multinational companies in the health sector. Newco is headquartered in Mexico City and is controlled directly by Bomi with a 90% stake in the share capital against an initial contribution of US$ 900,000. The Group’s strategy has a unique and compact approach: Bomi is able to guarantee the same quality, technological and operational standards in every country in which it operates. Thanks to BOMI’s extensive presence and twenty-year experience in Latin America, the Group is ready to offer to its base of over one hundred customers a unique, specialized and capillary platform in the region, with quality, innovation and simplification.


What are the expectations of the Group on the recent Investment?

With a total expenditure, dedicated to the health sector, estimated at 146 billion US $ in 2019 and a medical device market that will be worth US $ 7.9 billion in 2019 – with a estimated growth of 13.7% In the last five years – (source: Espicom, “forecast in the medical world market to 2019”), Mexico ranks second after Brazil and is without a doubt a key market in which to operate to ensure an effective coverage in Latin America, as summed up in the words of  Marco Ruini (CFO and VP of Bomi Group): “Thanks to our already strong presence in Latin America, with the completion of this agreement we are excited and determined to offer current and future customers logistics synergistic solutions, which enabling optimization of costs and simplification of processes in the whole region “.

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