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Bomi Group launches its 2019-2020 Welfare Plan

Bomi Group is pleased to announce the launch of its 2019-2020 Welfare Plan. This comprehensive and innovative document envisages a system that offers goods and services to those that helped to successfully transfer the company to its new headquarters in Spino d’Adda, in the province of Cremona, as well as several initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing of workers and their families, by introducing innovative measures regarding their work-life balance.

Although only a pilot scheme in Italy at the moment, there is the plan to implement similar actions across the different regions in the future. It confirms the company’s commitment to sustainability issues, not just those related to the environment, but economic and social sustainability too, placing a particular focus on workers’ health and on creating an inclusive, performing, and innovative work environment.


Several drivers led to the creation of the plan:

  • Employee centricity (putting people at the centre of how we operate),
  • Work-life balance (promoting a better work-life balance), 
  • Belonging (strengthening people’s sense of belonging), 
  • Healthcare (helping to look after workers’ health and wellbeing),
  • Accountability & Reliance (increasing people’s accountability and a sense of being able to rely on the company),
  • Sustainability (helping to reduce CO2 emissions going into the air),
  • Happiness (creating happiness).


When designing the plan, Bomi Group chose to use the opportunities promoted by the project entitled “Governare gli equilibri: una rete territoriale per promuovere la conciliazione” (“Keeping a good balance: a territorial network for promoting reconciliation), which was financed by the Lombardy Region and aimed to promote policies that could reconcile people’s private life with their work life, allowing communication between the manufacturing world, opportunities throughout the territory, and public bodies.

Two managers from the HR department of Bomi Group have taken on a course to become Welfare Managers. They analysed their workers’ needs, the opportunities available across the territory and the market, and lastly, they worked on a plan that would see sustainability as a key factor of all actions, aiming to implement cultural change within management, actively collaborate with the third sector and public bodies, and, last but not least, ensure continual involvement of our workers.

Specifically, the main actions envisaged within the plan are: flexible benefits, corporate benefits (such as promotions and discounts for online purchases), flexible work hours, company car-pooling, introducing smart working, agreements with medical and dental facilities, providing support for looking after elderly or disabled relatives, easier access to the municipal nursery, a support and reintegration plan after extended periods of leave, Family Days, Volunteering Days, solidarity initiatives amongst colleagues and, last but not least, a more efficient plan in terms of internal communication and getting workers involved with issues related to improving their work-life balance.

“Through the Welfare Plan”, explains Giovanni Crocco, a member of the HR Training & Development team at Bomi Group and the Plan’s supervisor, “we wanted to make our workers the focus of how we operate and, as a consequence, strengthen their sense of belonging to the company. This ensemble of services will allow everyone to organise their work-life balance more effectively and therefore provide new responses to everyone’s social requirements”. Giovanni is firmly convinced that “company welfare can really create happiness in people, having undeniably positive effects on returns, individual performance, and last but not least, productivity”.

Soraya Espejo, Global HR Director at Bomi Group, concludes:

“One of the assets of Bomi Group is its PEOPLE; in fact, we firmly believe that the Welfare Plan can help us to focus on our workers and help them to achieve a work-life balance. What our workers experience is one of the drivers behind the company’s People & Culture function, and we began our journey here in Italy with the aim of taking it all over the world. It’s Time to Dare!”

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