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AACC 2019: We Present Our New “LIM System”

AACC 2019: we present our new “LIM System”

Bomi Group at AACC 2019

Bomi Group is proud to celebrate 20 years at the AACC and happy to present its new Lab Inventory Management (LIM) System, a full integrated platform to manage reagents and spare parts at laboratories for higher efficiency and productivity.


  • Complete inventory service of stock levels, ensuring optimum stock rotation;
  • RFID product identification;
  • Smart refrigerators including antennas for RFID reading;
  • Accounts reconciliation service, including personalised reports;


Bomi Group – global supply chain partner with a consolidated leadership in LATAM and EU on the IVD sector – can guarantee the full cold chain management of temperature sensitive products till the last mile delivery. In such a critical environment, as the IVD supply chain, having the visibility of how the end customer is using the products is a key element in your decision making process from commercial and logistic perspectives.

To discover more about our new Lab Inventory Management (LIM) System send an email to 

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