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Bomi Group In Brazil Celebrated “Women´s Week”

Bomi Group in Brazil celebrated “Women´s Week”

At Bomi Group in Brazil, women are a majority of the workforce with the representation of over 50% of employees. Therefore, celebrating International Women´s Day holds a special place for the company in promoting women´s rights and an equal future for all.

The celebrations were planned for the whole week and counted on several initiativies including the delivery of a special gift for each woman, webinars focused on Empowerment, Management and Leadership and a contest that promoted the very essence of being a women. The contest awarded the five best answers for the question «WHAT DOES BEING A WOMAN MEAN TO YOU?«. The answers praised the strength, achievements, power, hardwork, how women play multiple roles and how they have to overcome obstacles consistently.

In addition, information regarding the nature and history of this special date was shared, highlighting the revolutionary contribution made by women in the past and nowadays in different places around the world and also fostering the concept of empowerment and sorority.

All these actions intend to reinforce and recognize women´s important contribution and commitment to our cuture, values and competitive advantage.

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