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THE BOMINERS: Bomi group launches its new Digital Transformation revolution

In a world where digital transformation is involving all production and service companies, BOMI Group has decided to create a dedicated multi Country and interdisciplinary team to face this challenge.

The goal is to define and prototype a set of digital solutions that can impact both internal processes as well as new services or products, with a look from the “outside of the company”. At the same time, a deeper aim would be to lead the “digital culture” internally, thus setting the ground for creating the next Bomi

The initiative is lead by our Chief People & Culture and The Bominers Team, always with the collaboration and support of Talent Garden.
During the project, The BOMINERS will meet the most innovative start-up in the world operating in 4 macro areas:

  • Health Tech
  • Mobility, 
  • Supply chain technologies;
  • Inter-Company Services and Organization Culture.

They will go through deep analysis, to understand the most innovative trends and how they would impact the healthcare supply chain in the coming and future years. Furthermore, during the project the team will also be trained on various operational issues, for example how to design and develop a Canvas Business Model.

The project follows 4 main steps:

  • Step 1: Exploration
  • Step 2: Strategy & Roadmap Definition
  • Step 3: Engagement & Cultural Development
  • Step 4: Ideation & Prototyping

People and Partner Involved

11 People were selected inside the Company with the aim to gather different points of view of the market needs. The BOMINERS were chosen from various countries, from Turkey to Brazil, crossing Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Italy.
The Bominers were selected based on the following criteria: a cross-functional team from different areas, with the will to change and make things different. As mentioned the background of the people coming from IT, P&C, Sales, Marketing, M&A, Finance, CS, Operation, and Quality Departments.

Soraya Espejo, P&C Director, leader of the BOMINERS said:
I am really proud to have the opportunity to lead this initiative in Bomi Group. I firmly believe that people and transformation are two key elements to looking forward and seeing what’s happening outside to make a difference inside the company. With the Bominers Team and Tag we will Do it. ITs TIME TO DARE!

“Talent Garden is excited to go on this journey of innovation with the Bomi group, which was designed to meet the needs of the company” said Noa Segre, Corporate Transformation Senior Strategist, Envisioner of Talent GardenDigital transformation, technology, and people are in the core of our work and we are looking forward to exploring the different opportunities these ecosystems can offer the company and assist them in their growth”

Marco Ruini, CEO of BOMI Group, I am happy to see this idea coming to life. There is no innovation without vision, great people and a pinch of courage. I am sure such a brilliant team will explore the future business opportunities and lead our company to a different way of doing our job, respecting the values of excellence and reliability, but with a new perspective. Bring us to the unexpected! 

How the future trend will influence the companies? How digital innovation will change our health system?

#Staytuned with The BOMINERS to be updated.

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