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ENLARGING OUR HORIZIONS: Transforming Healthcare Supply Chain with digital innovations and sustainable trends

Spino d’Adda, 12 December 2019. As we know, the Health sector is characterized by extraordinary transformations, where demographic evolution, pressure on costs and regulatory changes make the context increasingly challenging and require to companies and professionals of Healthcare sector to review their approach of R&D, supply chain management and, more generally, its business and service delivery models.


The technological and digital innovation within the sustainability can represent two ways to trigger a real transformation in the deep of the Healthcare sector, not only for the creation of new products and services but, in particular, for the way these products and services are used by the patients, increasingly active and more focused on the Health ecosystem.

“Enlarging our Horizons” is the event organized by Bomi Group, a leading multinational company in the field of integrated logistics for the Healthcare sector, to discuss openly and constructively on these issues and to highlight the importance of building solid partnerships with its customers to generate a “Health-chain” based on economic, environmental and social sustainability principles.

The event took place at the new Bomi Group Headquarters located in Spino d’Adda, in the province of Cremona, a state-of-the-art logistics site where the company manages Healthcare products, from storage to delivery to the final patient.

The conference, organized in collaboration with Talent Garden and in media partnership with Aboutpharma & Medical Devices, was attended by respected representatives of institutions and sector associations, as well as representatives of important pharmaceutical companies and medical devices.

Enlarging Our Horizons | BOMI Group
Enlarging Our Horizons | BOMI Group

The event was sponsored by the Municipality of Spino d’Adda and supported by Associazione Industriali of Cremona.

In the first part of the day, were shown the trends and the challenges of the Healthcare sector and a real-time survey was proposed to the participants, through Mentimeter a web-based tool: the interactive round table, composed by Massimiliano Boggetti, President of Confindustria Dispositivi Medici, Pierluigi Petrone, President of Assoram, Daniele Testi, President of SOS-Logistica, Fabio Brigante, head of SME market development for Borsa Italiana and Andrea Fortuna Healthcare Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Partner for PwC, argued about the insights and answers of the audience.

During the second part of the event, after the official greetings of the Institutions, followed the inauguration ceremony with the ribbon cutting by the Mayor of Spino d’Adda Luigi Poli and the guided tour of the warehouse dedicated to customers.

Marco Ruini, CEO of Bomi Group, opened the event declaring: “There is no ambition or innovation without courage” and focused the attention on “technological innovation and corporate responsibility will help our sector to meet the needs of patients, ever more informed and aware”.

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