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BOMI HEALTHCARRIER also expands in Brazil

Through the new fleet, BOMI HEALTHCARRIER consolidates its presence in LATAM providing higher quality and lower costs to clients.  There is a whole variety of new projects coming up that will integrate a more efficient transport distribution in several states.

Started in July 2020, the round trip route among hub project has shown very encouraging results.  It is a project which consists of a daily product transfer among the two main facilities with brand new dedicated fleet of high volume capacity trailers (30 pallet).  The 600 km route shortens transport time among the Itapeví and Itajaí Hubs.


Other transport projects are increasing the fleet with vehicles of different dimensions.  They are aiming to optimize routes and resources while having a better control on planning and management of partners in high transport volume regions.  BOMI GROUP continues to invest in quality temperature controlled transport equipment built to our clients´ needs in order to ensure that healthcare products are delivered safely and arrive at their destination in perfect conditions.


This is one more step taken by Bomi to make its transport and distribution operations even more reliable, efficient and competitive.

These projects already implemented and those that will come soon bring greater control over operations to Bomi’s hands. From the routing processes, definition of operating hours, selection of equipment, identification of partners and establishment of processes, up to the agile process of proactive communication with customers, everything aims at increasing quality and efficiency.


All the resources involved in the operations are carefully studied so that they deliver the best quality and productivity, without neglecting concerns in any way. From the reliability of the vehicles to the safety and comfort of drivers, respecting the workday legislation, everything is discussed by multi-disciplinary teams so that no details are overlooked.

The market will see Bomi continually revisiting its transportation operations and taking the successful projects already implemented to new regions, as well as the customers will see that recently improved operations will receive continuous refinement and improvement actions. Explains Marcelo Martinez, LatAm Operations Excellence Sr. Manager.

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