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The Bomi HealthCarrier transport network is expanding with the opening of a new temperature-controlled Hub for the distribution of health products to central and Central-Southern Italy.

Bomi Group, a leader multinational company in integrated logistics for the Healthcare sector, is pleased to announce the opening of a new 3.000m² hub in Castel Maggiore (Bologna) provided with +5+25°C air-conditioning system and +2+8°C dedicated rooms, which offers its customers a better quality and speed of transport service in the regions of central and Central-Southern Italy.

The Castel Maggiore hub is a crucial junction for Bomi Health Carrier’s temperature-controlled transport network, and guarantees a reduction in delivery times of 24 HOURS for Central-Southern Italy, considering its strategic position next to Bologna, and close to A13 and A01-A14 highways, from which BOMI traction transit from Triveneto, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna.

Bomi Health Carrier is the brand dedicated exclusively to the transport of medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and supplement products, also active in Belgium, Holland, Turkey and Latin America, which only in Italy can count on a fleet with over 130 insulated and refrigerated vehicles and a direct distribution network consisting of 2 cross-docking hubs in the province of Milan and Verona, 7 regional hubs near Torino, Bologna, Modena, Firenze, Rome, Napoli and Bari, with also the distribution platforms managed by selected and exclusive correspondents operating according to the Group’s guidelines.

Federico Mancini, Head of Italy Transport BU Bomi Group

Bomi HealthCarrier‘s strategy of consolidation of the italian network continues. This operation includes a key addition to the network in the Northern-Central area in order to guarantee special services, urgent 24/7 shipments of life-saving medical devices, management and transport of ADR material for deliveries dedicated to home care patients for the treatment of chronic diseases.

The inauguration of Castel Maggiore hub represents a significant arrival point and sets concrete foundations for further growth in network efficiency, as highlighted by the words of Federico Mancini, Head of Italy Transport BU in Bomi Group: “We decided to create a new logistics hub that consolidates the presence of BOMI on the Italian territory and allows to concentrate productivity and optimize transport flows, underlining our constant commitment to provide our customers with an excellent service dedicated exclusively to the Healthcare sector”.


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