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BOMI Group in support of Dynamo Camp with Confindustria Dispositivi Medici

Medical Device Challenge 2019
Penalty kicks, performed with the support of crutches

During the weekend of 12-13 October, BOMI Group enthusiastically participated in the Medical Device Challenge, an event promoted by Confindustria Dispositivi Medici and Dynamo Academy located in the beautiful setting of Dynamo Camp, a recreational therapy camp, specially structured to host sick children, in therapy or in the post-hospitalization period, free of charge for holiday and relaxation periods.

The two days were dedicated to sport as a tool for the inclusion of all people: the guys of FISPES (Italian Federation of Paralympic and Experimental Sports) showed participants how every day they play the different sports.

The activities in which the participants took part were 4:

  • Penalty kicks, performed with the support of crutches;
  • Shot-put, with the least skilled hand;
  • Running, with a blindfold and with the support of a guide in an obstacle course;
  • Relay race, in a wheelchair with slalom between the pins.

All the participants, divided into 8 teams, passionately participated in all the challenges.

Medical Device Challenge 2019
Shot-put, with the least skilled hand

The biggest goal was to get into a different reality and do everything possible to overcome the obstacles.

Among the participants for BOMI Group, Francesco Crimaldi (Customer Service Coordinator),

“The emotion immediately made its appearance, seeing the images that testify to the work that has been done at Dynamo. Words that made me think back to the luck I have…
Sunday was a day of sport, where we experimented with activities performed by people with physical problems and where it raised up that we were those really in difficulty. I realized that the fundamental thing for any kind of person is the trust that everyone must place in others. An experience that “gave me back” feelings that I had forgotten”.

Graziana Avallone (Administration Assistant)

“In these two days I lived an experience I will never forget and for this reason, I thank Bomi who allowed me to experience it. Dynamo Camp has confirmed my thoughts: each of us can contribute every day to giving moments of carefree to children and adolescents with disabilities. This is what the Dynamo Camp’s staff has been carrying out for years: they give smiles and above all allows everyone to be able to share their passions by making the sense of equality prevail ”.

Among the BOMI employees, Alessandro Belloli (IT Support Analyst) also took part in the two days of sport, inclusion, and fun:

“The days at Dynamo Camp have opened up a new world that I never imagined. The activities allowed me to understand the difficulties that people with dysfunctions meet and realized their immense willpower “

Medical Device Challenge 2019
Relay race, in a wheelchair with slalom between the pins

Vincenzo Longobardi (Transport Financial Controller)

“This experience allows us to understand that physical limits can often be overcome with commitment, perseverance, and willpower. I realized that we should not stop at the first obstacle … in fact, the obstacles are made to be overcome. It is not easy, but with commitment, perseverance and willpower, everything can be done. To sum up this adventure, I think about a statement by Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story: “To infinity… and beyond!” 

Nicola Brianda (Marketing Assistant)

“Thanks to this experience I realized how extraordinary are the athletic gestures that these guys make. I tried to shoot a penalty with one leg … I didn’t even take the door! I think that thanks to the combination of sport and inclusion we can overcome many obstacles that sometimes life puts on our way”.

Bomi Group is thrilled to have supported this magnificent project for the second consecutive year and thanks to all the participants for the enthusiasm and spirit they put in facing the various challenges.

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