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Bomi Group, a leading company in the field of biomedical logistics and management of high technology healthcare products, listed on the AIM Italia multilateral trading system, has completed acquisition of the remaining 45% minority interest in the indirect subsidiary Biomedical Distribution Mercosur Ltda.

“BOMI Brasil”, market leader in the medical-hospital sector (3PL), is able to provide unique and customised logistics solutions for over 40 national and multinational companies, supporting more than 1 million shipments every year with growth of its network at an international level. “BOMI Brasil” recorded revenues of 147.4 million Reais (corresponding to approximately 39.8 million euros) in the last financial year ended 31 December 2016, representing approximately 40% of total Group turnover.

The acquisition just completed allows Bomi Group to consolidate its leadership in the main geographic market of reference, as well as to integrate strategic minorities, in line with the expansion strategy already announced in the listing document.

The operation lays the foundations for an important development of Bomi Group in Brasil and will play a crucial role for the entire Latin American Region.

Marco Ruini, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bomi Group commented as follows: “Today a new era begins for Bomi Group: after approximately 20 years of fruitful collaboration with Luft Group, to which today we extend our thanks and best wishes, Bomi is concentrating on its largest target market in a unique and independent manner, with the aim of strengthening its leadership in the entire South American region. Bomi Brasil represents the fulcrum of this new challenge, based – as always – on high quality technology and service for our customers. The financial consolidation resulting from the operation is also useful for directing investment policies in the Region, thanks to full control of the cash flows”.

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