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Bomi Group is happy to announce that the “One Roof Project 4.0” is now fully operative.

BOMI Headquarter – Spino d’Adda warehouse.

Within the new temperature controlled Headquarters, Bomi Group manages the entire cold chain of any Healthcare temperature sensitive good in compliance with GDP.

The 18.500 sqm site, with a total capacity of 15.500 pallet places, gathers together the biggest logistic hub in Italy (split into 4 independent areas with different temperature levels) and the National/International transport hub.

Thanks to the consolidation of the warehousing and transportation activities in the new Headquarters, Bomi Group can guarantee a general improvement in performance and a positive impact on the environment.

BOMI Healthcarrier – temperature controlled fleet.

The general reduction of the number of shuttles between other logistic sites in Lombardy will generate a saving of around 60 Tons of CO2 emissions per year, a significative step forward which confirms Bomi Group’s commitment to sustainability.

The Spino d’Adda warehouse itself has been designed to ensure the maximum energy independence of the structure, minimising consumption and therefore the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere: it boasts thermal insulation, a photovoltaic plant, a geothermic plant fed by groundwater, green areas and other internal projects aimed to increase Bomi’s awareness on sustainability themes.

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