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Interview with Jorge Benítez Pérez, Country Manager of Bomi Group in Ecuador

What are the advantages of the integration of ILS Corporation to Bomi Group?

One of the advantages is that we are now a multinational company focused on the specialized logistics management of health products, located in more than 20 countries around the world.   We can offer service to our customers in each of these countries as well as receive customers from other countries.

We are constantly expanding, whether through organic growth, infrastructure or new acquisitions around the world.  We even have new business units that, in the near future, will be active in Latam.

We also have financial leverage that allows us to make greater investments in technology and to keep new service offerings open.


Has the integration been smooth or difficult?

Although any change generates some resistance, the similarity of the business between the two companies, added to ILS’s achievements in Ecuador, contributed to the integration flowing very quickly. 

At the moment we have been able to work with great results and with the benefit of some synergies

Many projects are active locally, regionally and globally that further consolidate the integration.


Can you mention any of them?

Locally, we are currently working on ISO 13485 certification, which is a basic requirement for all Bomi Group branches. 

Globally, the One Quality Process is being implemented with the new E-QMS called BOOQ.



How do you see the health logistics in Ecuador? How is Bomi Group doing in this context?

Some health lines have become very dynamic due to the global emergency, which has caused us to reinvent ourselves in some processes and services.

In the specific case of Bomi Group in Ecuador, we are reaching interesting volumes, so we are starting to activate expansion plans in Quito and Guayaquil.


We are on the eve of a new national government and many companies are postponing important decisions until the election of the new President. Has this affected Bomi Group and its clients in Ecuador?

The political framework is decisive in the actions of companies, so the current political situation generates uncertainties that in the end postpone important decisions.  In any case, Bomi Group is committed to Ecuador, so we continue working to meet the requirements and needs of the local market in specialized health logistics. 

We want to be part of the solution for our customers and offer them all the support that these circumstances require.

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