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BOMI Home Care Service Is Growing Faster In Colombia

BOMI Home Care service is growing faster in Colombia

Now, more than ever, we need to get health products directly to our customers’ patients homes! There was already a growing interest from patients to receive their treatments at home due to the clinic´s high costs, but now this demand is increased even more due to the issue of health safety,” says Juan Sebastian Esguerra, Commercial and Project Coordinator of BOMI GROUP in Colombia, referring to the request of many customers to expand their operations through the Home Care service.

BOMI GROUP has invested in many hours of staff training to maintain high efficiency in the 20,000 home deliveries in Colombia each year.  The training is for the drivers, assistants and even the clinical assistant.

Cold chain and room temperature farmaceuticals or medical devices transport has to consider many other variables such as coordination with the call center, patient data confidentiality and on-site product counting to guarantee effective delivery.   A large part of the service is directed at the treatment of chronic diseases and some of the products involved are delicate and short-lived, so they must be treated under strict control.  Therefore, safety and traceability are also critical aspects.

Times imply adapting to the new needs of consumers, especially those dealing with long-term illnesses, who want the convenience and simplicity of receiving their medication through home delivery”.

Home care delivery represents one of the highly specialized services run by BOMI GROUP at Global level, it is based on a patient centric approach and BOMI GROUP is the market leader on this service in Italy, serving the biggest Companies of the Dialysis, Clinical Nutrition and Ventilotherapy sectors.

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