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Patrimonial Security Manager

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Bomi de Chile Spa.

Logistics company requests Patrimonial Security Manager for the commune of Pudahuel:



– Manage the area/Physical security plan

– Coordinate the administration and supervision of complementary surveillance service contracts

security and conventions

– Lead physical and strategic security operations

– Direct and coordinate the mitigation of physical security risks in the company

– Control compliance with the company’s internal physical security regulations

– Plan the annual budget for physical and specialized security

– Request and coordinate audit processes for the company’s physical security contracts

– Plan the evaluation and restructuring of physical and strategic security plans

– Verify the monthly delivery of the indicators by those responsible

– Submit semi-annual documented reports on the status of the system

– Generate nonconformity reports, review their status and compliance

– Coordinate and generate training regarding company security issues

– Carry out the security study changes annually

– Report dangerous incidents that threaten the organization

– Carry out quarterly documentary backups of all dependencies

– Conduct inductions for new employees

– Random check procedures as a routine inspection

– Request the documents, pertinent to the control and security management system

– Constantly handle easy-to-use equipment and materials being your direct responsibility

– Manage indirectly a high degree of confidentiality


Specific Experience, Knowledge And Technical Skills

– Updates on issues related to security BASC

– Knowledge of the modalities of physical and documentary smuggling, in order to avoid contamination of the loads to be transported

– Education courses on security, surveillance and control

– Knowledge of handling weapons



At least 3 years of experience

Management of legal framework.

Ability to transmit information assertively.


is offered

Income commensurate with responsibility

Approach Bus


If you want to belong to a stable company, with growth capacity, we invite you to apply.



Bomi Group respecte la réglementation en matière de confidentialité et de protection des données applicable à chaque État et ne fait aucune discrimination fondée sur l’origine raciale ou ethnique, les opinions politiques, les convictions religieuses ou philosophiques, l’appartenance à un syndicat, la vie sexuelle ou l’orientation sexuelle dans le choix des candidats. L’annonce s’adresse à des candidats des deux sexes.

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