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The 1st phase of Bomi Group’s internal competition has just ended, but further initiatives to promote the wellness and well-being of our employees are coming!


At our facility in Madrid, the Spanish team was rewarded for winning the 1st phase of the “Walked Steps Challenge” against the UK team.

From the 1st to the 18th of February, 10 employees, 5 from Bomi Spain and 5 from Bomi UK, joined this contest, intended to promote a more active life while still having fun: Almudena, Silvina, Rosa, Laura and César walked more than 1,650,000 steps in one month,  closely wining against their colleagues Laura, Georgia, Craig, Ricky and Liam from the UK who also did an amazing job!

This challenge is part of the wider Bomi Wellness Program which started at the beginning of 2022. The purpose of the Program is to promote the good health and well-being of all Bomi Group employees across the world. The pilot test involved the UK, Spain and The Netherlands, but other similar initiatives are already in place in other Bomi Group facilities.

The Wellness Program includes flexible work time, training in nutrition and mental health / mindfulness,  positivism training, and many other actions, all oriented to motivate employees, make them feel happy and committed, with the overall goal of increasing well-being and productivity within the Company.

Soraya Espejo Gonzalez, Chief P&C Officer, « In BOMI we are fully committed to implementing wellbeing measures for our employees as we know that the happier, more motivated and healthier employees are, the more productive they will be. That is why we call our Department People and Culture. Our customers can feel the difference« .

The first Welfare Plan at Bomi Group was drafted and launched almost 3 years ago in Italy to facilitate the relocation of employees to the new HQ’s in Spino d’Adda, and included several initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of employees and their families. This was done by introducing innovative measures regarding work-life balance. Today, after living through the pandemic and having more consciously embraced sustainability objectives at corporate level, the Welfare plan has evolved and now includes more initiatives such as a wider adoption of smart working and flexible solutions to meet the needs of off-site employees.

Giovanni Crocco, Global P&C Business Partner and Communication Manager, adds “Soraya and I developed the first Welfare plan in Bomi. It was an amazing experience to witness the employees’ positive reaction to the measures put in place. The most appreciated initiatives were the smart working and flexible hours policy, the flexible benefits, the carpooling system, and the time saving services (i.e. personal package collection at reception). The project has the aim to put employees at the heart of our organisation, strengthening the sense of belonging, promoting a real work-life balance, and supporting social and environmental sustainability to make Bomi the best place to work.

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