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Bomi Group focuses on the Microsoft 365 suite to support its global growth, promoting the spread of best practices and corporate culture

Bomi Group, a leader in providing logistics solutions for the Healthcare sector, has chosen the Microsoft Cloud and, in particular, the Microsoft 365 productivity suite to support its global growth path.

The company, led by the headquarters in Spino D’Adda, in the province of Cremona, intends to leverage the Microsoft 365 platform to optimize productivity and collaboration among its over 2,100 employees, located in 20 countries around the world, with the aim lastly to promote the dissemination of projects, best practices and corporate culture to strengthen its global growth. The various applications included in the suite, perfectly integrated with each other, will also allow Bomi Group to rationalize its previously uneven technological infrastructure based on solutions from different providers.

The strategic plan for the adoption of Microsoft technology, supported by the technology partner NPO Sistemi, accelerated by the health emergency and the need to extend remote work, intends to connect all company employees – from management to administration, from warehouse workers to drivers – wherever they are, promoting the exchange of experiences and building a global community through applications like Microsoft Teams and Yammer. In addition, the Microsoft 365 suite will allow employees to access documents, procedures and training modules in complete security at any time and from any device, as well as strategic information to promote business growth.

« We are excited about the many possibilities offered by Microsoft 365 to support teamwork, sharing a constant flow of information and even quality management, thanks to the ability to facilitate access to documents and training. The strengths of the Microsoft productivity suite are undoubtedly the perfect integration between the different applications and the maximum security and privacy guarantees offered, which are essential in a strategic sector such as the healthcare one. For the future, we look forward to not only expanding the use of features like Teams, Yammer and Power BI, but also to further extend our partnership with Microsoft in the hybrid cloud, leveraging innovative services, power and scalability  of Azure”, said Alessandro Antonucci-Tarolla, CIO of Bomi Group.

« The healthcare sector has had to respond quickly to an unprecedented emergency, demonstrating great adaptability to offer services that can improve the entire supply chain in order to improve patient care. In this scenario, technology has shown to play a crucial role in enabling innovative methods of care and support for citizens, through, for example, telemedicine or virtual assistants for self-assessment « , commented Giacomo Frizzarin, Director of the Small, Medium and Corporate Division of Microsoft Italy. « We are proud to be alongside Bomi Group, an Italian excellence in the field of healthcare logistics, and to support it, thanks to the Cloud and our technologies for productivity and collaboration, in its path of global growth, to offer the best solutions to support the supply chain in the Healthcare sector « .

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