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Bomi Group launches the Digital Kiosk Project inside its warehouses: smart e-learning and interactive internal communication available for everyone

Through the pilot project in Brazil, Bomi Group has distributed the first 10 digital kiosks

(also called Totems) at specific locations in 4 warehouses. The device is a self-service

digital kiosk with the purpose of bringing connectivity, smart e-learning and interactive

internal communication directly into the warehouse operations. 

It reveals one aspect of the digital evolution that Bomi Group is driving with the Global

Strategic Plan execution. 


“At Bomi we believe our employees come first.  From People & Culture we are

supporting Bomi’s transformation and this project means an initiative for the

Digital era. Our objective is to reach our employees, train them, interact in a

Smart and Digital way. We are Bomi!”

says Soraya Espejo, Chief People&Culture Officer of Bomi Group.


Integration of technology allows kiosks to perform a wide range of

functions for both managers and operational teams, who can also stay

updated on the news communicated by the P&C department.

Managers and supporting areas can have start-up meetings, alignments

sessions, point out priority service as well as daily goals and figures.

Operational staff will have access to all sort of communication tools such

as e-mails, surveys, press releases, forms, whistleblowing modules as well as access the payroll portal with their

user to consult the payslip or make requests for holidays and work leaves.


“Internal communication is one of the main tools that Bomi uses to

increasingly become an employee-centric organization. As in all companies, it

is never easy to communicate and reach the last organizational level and

operational staff. This original initiative that we launched in Brazil as a pilot

country really wants to make Bomi feel closer to all  employees – no one

excluded – and it is certainly an important step in the transformation

that we have already started a few years ago in the digital field.”

comments Giovanni Crocco, Global P&C Business Partner & Communication Manager of Bomi Group.


Another important feature is the easy access to BOOQ (Bomi Group´s

global quality management system) which allows the blue collars to

autonomously consult operational procedures and documentation as

well as to attend trainings.

Last but not least: Smart and Micro learning, providing operational

training content for on-the-job learning. The basic idea is to help

employees access information in a direct, simple and user-friendly way,

avoiding taking them out of the operation and therefore impacting daily performance and productivity.


Rafael Martau, Country Manager of Bomi Group in Brazil adds:

“This implementation means for us a change of level within the logistics

segment, fantastic tool for training and qualify our operational teams on the

shop floor, and about an incredible raise of internal communication reaching

every people of Bomi Group in Brazil.”


If the pilot presents itself successful, as the project leaders have realized so far, it will then be implemented in other

countries also in the EMEA region.


Please contact us if you want to learn more on the project, our Global P&C team will be glad to answer your


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