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People are the key to our success.

Every year we invest in the training of young talents, defining personalized development plans and actively collaborating with universities and vocational training centers, striving to ensure the employment of the new generations.

Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to the search of talents embark at various levels in our organization around the world. We are looking for motivated, multiskilled and dynamic people who want to grow professionally in an environment where everyone puts quality and passion into their work.

Why choose Bomi to boost your career?

  • We are a global company that operates in a fundamental and essential market; working for us also and above all, means having a strong ethical sense and awareness of the impact of our service in the healthcare industry. We help save and improve lives every day.
  • We are an excellent institution that will test you, challenge you every day. We will guide you from day 1 to bring out your potential.
  • We invest money, time and effort in the growth and development of people; we have structured programs that allow us to bring out and strengthen the potential of people, who thus perform better and grow professionally thanks to the teachings and concrete experience in the international context we work in.
  • We strongly believe in sustainability, not only economic and environmental, but also social; we always focus on high standards of health and safety for our employees. They need to carry out their daily activities in a context that makes them feel safe, protected and with low risks to their health and safety.
  • We listen to and inform our employees at every stage of their life in the company; internal communication is one of the main tools with which we keep in touch with people, we share information and ask for feedback. Everyone has a voice in the matter, everyone has the right to speak, and everyone must feel that they are an integral part of corporate decisions.


If you also believe in the value of People and think that Bomi can be the company in which to take your first steps in your career, as an employee or to strengthen your experience with new skills and new responsibilities, all you have to do is get in touch with us or apply to a job.


Send us a spontaneous application by filling out the form below and
attaching your CV in PDF format. We’ll contact you as soon as open
positions that fit your skills will be available!


Discover the open positions by selecting the department and the preferential location and candidate yourself for the offer that you consider closer to your training and experiences.

4 Job offers found.

Customer Service Operator – Intern

Location: Italy-Department: Business Operations (General Management)

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Italy QA-RA Specialist Intern

Location: Argentina-Department: Business Operations (General Management)

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Location: Colombia-Department: Business Operations (General Management)

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Patrimonial Security Manager

Location: Chile-Department: Business Operations (General Management)

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