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Online tools for clients

Bomi Group offers clients access to an online tool kit in order to monitor and streamline a range of activities in relation to the client’s agreement with the Group.


Bomi Group’s Order Tracking&Tracing service enables clients to track the delivery status of their products in real time, from collection to delivery to the end customer. The platform also offers the possibility to download a copy of the signed delivery note.


this is the exclusive complaints handling platform of Bomi Group. By accessing BoClaim online, clients can submit a formal complaint which can then handled promptly by our customer service team. This is part of our control system to monitor procedure compliance in accordance with the Healthcare sector’s Quality System.

Bomi Business Intelligence

a global online tool that summaries core activity data of Bomi Group, generating dashboard analyses on KPIs which are then shared with the client in order to monitor performance and develop strategies aimed at continuous improvement. Qlik View can also be consulted as a tool to predict activities based on the data shared with potential clients.


developed by Bomi Group, this web-based software is designed to optimise the planning, inventory management and reconciliation of consignment stock activities at hospital facilities. The software generates personalised reports for each client using on-site reconciliation (by article, batch and pack), which can be viewed by the client within 24 hours of the stock take.

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