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Bomi Group launches “Eyes on Track”

From the experience of the business unit Vercesi in collaboration with Noir Security the first transport service with escort for high value goods is born.


BOMI Group, present in 24 countries all over the world, with 60 warehouses and more than 3.000 employees, and thanks to the B.U. Vercesi and the cooperation of Noir Security – part of Noir Excellence Group –  officially launches “Eyes on Track”, the innovative services portfolio dedicated to the secure transport of high value goods.

Historically embedded in the sector of international transport of pharmaceutical goods at controlled temperature, diagnostics and biomedical products, the B.U. Vercesi increases further its services offers, investing in the security of the transported goods. In addition to the armed escort service comprised of professional and qualified workers, trained to defend and protect the transported goods, the fiduciary escort service assures the safe and secure transport thanks to the high technology on board the Vercesi fleet and to the great Noir Group’s know-how

Indeed, the Fiduciary Escort Service accompanies  the means of transport for the defined route, collecting all the necessary information and communicating them to the client, assuring them on the route of their goods, the respect and the exact execution of all the procedures agreed on.

It is the “Eyes on Track” that satisfies the customer, which through the support of 24-hour operating control panels, allows to manage in the most optimal and timely way, all unexpected events that may occur. Inconsistencies, failures to comply with agreed terms, and potential risks are addressed thanks to the benefits guaranteed by the Noir Investigation License, all functional information may be collected for the purposes of any legal action.

Noir Security, a partner within the ”Eyes on Track” service, is the result of over twenty years of experience in the field of security and Investigation. Noir Security currently has a high-profile team of certified, selected and constantly upskilled professionals. The direct synergy between the various departments of the Noir Group also guarantees, today, the delivery of complementary, highly reliable, targeted and audited services, throughout the Italian territory and the European Community.

The process of growth and specialization has begun with the entry in the Bomi Group of the Vercesi reality, continuously  brings into play important synergies and flexible and safe solutions.


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