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Bomi Group Further Expands In The North Of Italy: Autotrasporti Gigliotti & Bergamin Becomes Part Of The Bomi Health Carrier Network

Bomi Group further expands in the north of italy: Autotrasporti Gigliotti & Bergamin becomes part of the Bomi Health Carrier network

Bomi Group, a leading multinational company in the field of integrated logistics serving the Healthcare sector, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Autotrasporti Gigliotti & Bergamin Srl, a historical Italian company specialized in temperature-controlled transport services of pharmaceutical products, medical and hospital devices based close to Padova, in the North-East of Italy.

Thanks to this new acquisition, Bomi Health Carrier – the Bomi Group’s brand fully devoted to last mile transportation of pharmaceuticals and temperature sensitive Healthcare products – further consolidates its presence in the North of Italy and strengthens its fleet which has reached the number of more than 300 trucks, by granting full coverage of direct distribution services throughout the Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli, Lombardia, Piemonte, Valle D’Aosta and Emilia Romagna regions.

The Company is certified ISO 9001:2015 and implements all the protocols necessary to ensure the integrity of pharmaceutical products at every stage of transport, in full compliance with current regulations.

The temperature controlled facility of about 2.000 sqm is located very close to the Padova Interporto motorway exit and is equipped with a cold room (+2+8°C) for the management and storage of temperature sensitive goods which is mapped with temperature detection and recording probes connected to the IT archiving and control system. The facility is also located in a strategic position within the already existing Bomi Health Carrier network, directly connected to the Bologna transport hub inaugurated a few months ago.

BOMI HealthCarrier Fleet
BOMI HealthCarrier Fleet

Alberto Bergamin, currently Managing Director of the company, will be responsible for coordinating the Bomi Health Carrier Italy North-East platform, continuing to work on the Group’s expansion plans.

We sincerely thank Giovanni Gigliotti who will leave the company after more than 50 years of passionate and honored service. To ensure continuity, Claudia Gigliotti will maintain her current role within the company.

Federico Mancini, Head of Italy Transport Business Unit at Bomi Group, says: “We are very proud to welcome Gigliotti & Bergamin, a reference company for the Healthcare controlled temperature transportation in the North-East region, to Bomi Group. As part of the continuous growth project of BOMI HEALTH CARRIER network in Italy, the acquisition of this asset becomes crucial for the control of the territory and shows our absolute desire to closely monitor the service we offer to our customers, providing the highest quality level in compliance with the regulations and market’s needs”.

Alberto Bergamin continues: “We are happy and honored to be part of the Bomi Group in this growth project that sees us ready to face this new challenge with great enthusiasm. We are sure to be able to raise the quality of our services to the highest level in consolidating the great work done so far “.

Stefano Camurri, Head of Italy&France Cluster at Bomi Group, concludes: “Thanks to this last acquisition, Bomi Group’s strategy of establishing itself as the devoted logistic partner for the storage, management and last mile delivery of any Healthcare product moves another important step towards its consolidation”.

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