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Bomi Group, a leading Company in biomedical logistics and high-tech healthcare products listed on the AIM Italia multilateral trading system, announces the Group direct entry into the Asia Pacific market by the subscription of a joint venture agreement with a local partner, named Yang Kee Logistics Pte Ltd .

Yang Kee is a provider of integrated logistics solutions, including warehousing, distribution and transportation, freight forwarding and customs clearance, mainly in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Food sectors and strategically located in several areas of the APAC area such as Singapore (HQ), Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

The objective of the Joint Venture is to develop the typical Bomi Group activity in the APAC region by combining the multi-year experience in the Healthcare sector, the know-how and the IT solutions of the Group with Yang Kee’s excellent infrastructures, coverage and knowledge of the area.

The business strategy, starting from the HQ in Singapore, will include two stages of expansion: the first to Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia, the second in the other 6 countries where the partner Yang Kee is already established. Bomi Group commercial target is going to be medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, consumables and pharmaceuticals multinational companies, this once more to highlight the company’s devotion to the Healthcare sector.

To guide this ambitious project Bomi Group appointed as General Manager Mirko Mueller, who has many years of international experience and who has previously held top positions in important multinationals both in healthcare and logistics.

APAC is an area where 600 million people live, and where the forecast for growth in the Healthcare distribution market is 6.8% per annum. APAC represents a strategic objective for Bomi Group expansion, as we can learn from Giorgio Ruini , Bomi Group President, words: “We are proud to take this important step in an Area where the governamental ambitions are to significantly improve the efficiency of the Healthcare sector over the next few years. We are ready to contribute to this mission thanks to the support of a solid and well-established partner”.

Ken Koh, Group CEO of Yang Kee Logistics, adds: “Yang Kee is delighted to enter the healthcare logistics space with BOMI, a partner with an established track record for innovation and service excellence. With Yang Kee’s infrastructure and BOMI’s expertise and customer base, we are confident of providing the industry with solutions that will optimize cost, expand reach and improve speed to market”.

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