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Vision, Mission and Company Values

Mission and Vision

Since 1985 Bomi Group has been operating exclusively for Healthcare, and over the years has gained a profound knowledge and specialization for the medical devices, biomedical and in vitro diagnostics sectors.

Our aim is to become a leading partner in the healthcare industry, offering highly skilled logistics services tailored to meet our clients’ needs as well as acting as a valued partner for many important international corporations.

Intelligence first,
Delivery after,
Customer Care always.

Bomi Group’s mission is to identify logistical solutions for the healthcare supply chain, taking the concept of standard logistics to the next level. We believe that our competitive advantage lies in our corporate structure as a “3DPL”:

a Devoted, Dynamic, and Distinctive third party logistics player
  • We are “devoted” to a single sector, healthcare, where over the years we have perfected hundreds of solutions to provide the best possible service to companies operating in the healthcare sector. As an integral part of the healthcare supply chain, our work is characterised by a deeply ethical approach.
  • We are “dynamic” within a market that changes rapidly both structurally and in terms of regulation. We offer all the benefits of a multinational corporation yet also boast a streamlined and rapid decision-making system associated with a family-run firm.
  • We are “distinctive” in our ability to adapt our operational procedures to meet our clients’ needs, aiming to bring added value to their projects.

Company Values

Excellence: Bomi Group provides clients with logistical solutions that meet the high quality standards demanded by the industry.

Passion: Bomi Group is dedicated to health. Constant dedication, knowledge and commitment are our daily objectives.

People: Bomi Group benefits from a combination of emerging talent and experienced industry professionals. Thanks to our internal training department, we are able to develop our employees’ ability to reconcile logistical skills with an in-depth understanding of the biomedical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical sector.

Reliability: Bomi Group has developed a prestigious reputation over its thirty years of experience in supporting leading multinational healthcare providers.

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